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No Argument On This Matter 37

by: Ramesh Chandra, Rameshchandra,
Meet the Artist
World is close to an album of intimate individuals involved in certain situations. His constructions of associate images that emerge around the personae in his works are not backgrounds, but a geography of their concern nd struggle for life. The two paintings in this show "It Does Not Matter" and " No Argument on This Matter," Represent two women-urban and rural-in their own situation-one in the street and other in the field. Both are attached to the body of their lands but also separated from it.
Paintings ofRamesh Chandra
Meet the Artist
Born on 16-09-1964, studied, Post Diploma in Painting From M.S.University Baroda, 1994, Teaching Painting at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore since 1996. Received National scholarship 1992-94, 1989 Received National award for Sculpture in 12th All India Exhibition of Fine Arts from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore

Selected Exhibitions

2007: Organized by Ananya, at Venkatappa Art Gallery. 2006: Hues Art Gallery –Chennai. 2004: Group Exhibition of sculptures from International sculpture camp-held at Valley school, Krishnamurti Foundation India, Bangalore at Sumukha Art Gallery Bangalore. 2003: Curetted and participated in an exhibition titled' Beyond The Borders' which included seven young artists from United States n collaboration with Cordell Taylor Gallery For Contemporary Art, Denver, Colorado, U.S., 2002 Exhibition titled ' 4& 5' at Cordell Taylor Gallery, Denver Colorado, U.S., 2002 Exhibition of sculptures at Red Stone Art Gallery, Marble, Colorado, U.S. 2002 Group show at SUMUKHA art gallery, for the cause of Gujarat communal riot victims. 2001 Exhibition titled `Childrens After Midnight, At Venkatappa Art Gallery curetted by Shreshta Art Recourses.Bangalore. 2000 Took part in the Inaugural show of Gallery Thillany, George Foundation, India, Bangalore. 2000 Exhibition in commemoration of `Fifty Years Of Indipencience' At Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. 1999: Exhibition of 'Recent Works, a solo show of drawings, mix medium And installations at chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore 1998: Exhibition called' I As In India' a collaboration with Austrian artists, at Shankara Art Center, supported by ministry of Auswerts 1998: Participated in an exhibition called 'Retracing Lost Terrain' at Lakheeren Art Gallery at Mumbai 1995: Participated in a collaborative exhibition called 'MATERIAL- IMMATERIAL' supported by Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore 1995: The Scilense Of Furies And Sorrows-pages From A Burning City' an exhibition after three month long interaction with Victims of communal riots from Bangalore, supported by VISTHAR, an NGO from Bangalore at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore


2005 In an International Sculpture camp at JSS Institutions, Suttur, Mysore, 2004 Participated and coordinated International Sculpture Symposium at Valley School J.Krishnamuthy Foundation, India., 2002 In a Digital Art work shop conducted by Michael Soup. Organized by Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore, 2002 In an International Sculpture Symposium at Marble/marble Institute of Colorado, U.S. On an Invitation. 1997 Took part in ' Wood carving workshop' organized by State Lalithkala Academy , Bangalore. 1991 In 'South Zone Sculpture camp' at Chennai. 1991 In a camp organized at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. 1990 Egg Tempera workshop, One of the traditional Medium of Art, Organized by Alliance de France Bangalore. 1989 State Lalithkala Academy camp of sculpture Bangalore.


2007 'Popular Art in Karnataka' – a brief essay on popular visual culture of Karnataka after Independence – for Suvarnakarnataka book publication by Navakarnataka publications. 2006 On Suphie's Painting for Udayavani daily. 2005 'Another way of seeing'— essay on art perception for Kalavarte. 2005 "New mediums in Visual art-Bangalore chapter." For Vaisual - Encyclopedia, for the Department of Languages, Manasagangotri, Mysore. 2005 "How to see a painting —111" — Kalavarte, Lalitkala Academi 2004 "On Illustration as an art"--'Kalavarte' Lalitkala Academi. 2004 "Old and the New" -on International Sculpture camp, Kalavarte Lalitkala Academi. 2003 "On visual language-ii" Kalavarte. 2003 A critical view on the book, " AATA- MAATA"  by  K.S.Ssrinivasamurthy. 2003 "On visual Language — 1"   Kalavarte. 2002 "violence and visual art—Gondalapura issue,   Abhinava literary magazine. 2002 'Experience in America being an Indian —Spring News Letter South Asian Studies Programme, University of Iowa, 1990 Gandhi –art-Individuality- Sanchaya, literary magazine 1990& 96 " Nirdhara" and" Arundhatiya parakaya pravesha" Two short stories published in Taranga weekly magazine. 1984 to1990 Written poems and published in Christ college Bendre Memorial issues. Travel And Experience In Abroad. 2002 In an artist in residency programme on the Invitation of MARBLE /marble Institute of Colorado, U.S. Traveled and visited Museums and Art Galleries of Denver, Dallas , Fort worth and Houston Fine Art and Contemporary Museums.
Paintings ofRameshchandra
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“No Argument On This Matter 37”

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